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Casino Floor Management System

Casino Floor management consists of:

Floor View: Provides a real-time graphical display of the casino floor. Carded and un-carded play, overall casino performance, daily, weekly and monthly casino financials etc.

Table management: The Tables Accounting Module allows comprehensive tables management including pit management, tables view, capturing average bets per player, tracking individual players based on player card, capturing average win per table based on manual inputs etc.The Tables system is directly linked to the cage module, allowing automatic monitoring of fill and credits requests.

Slot management: Provide statistic, revenue & Event information in form of visual alerts for individual machines, groups of machines and the entire casino floor.Support version SAS 5.0 and above Version. Real-time metered revenue information is available on demand. Tracks all casino floor transactions and drop information, including jackpots and fills, and voucher, bill and coin drops.

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