Hospitality Video on Demand SystemHospitality Video on Demand System

Dusane has been the leading technology collaborator in Moviebeam™, a leading Video Rental Services for Hospitality Industry. Dusane’s Video-On-Demand technology providing the latest VOD solution for the hospitality industry. We not only provide the latest pay-per-view movies, we also provide free titles and independent titles, all while generating revenue for the hotel. Our system allows customers to view as many titles as they would like free of charge and increases occupancy and the amount of repeat customers.

In addition to providing the latest movies, we customize each hotel’s entire guest directory, providing guests with an enriched hotel experience. This allows customers to view in house amenities such as restaurants, menus, spa and more. Outside vendors can also advertise on our system, this providing another revenue generator for your property. Our world class customer service is available 24-7 to assist with any VOD issues.

Hospitality Video on Demand System Features:

  • High Definition Video-on-Demand System
  • Greater Storage Capability
  • Easier navigation and channel menu
  • 3D Ready
  • Gaming, Music and Internet browsing
  • Build-in Tuner with Pass thru Live TV Service (digital, analog & off-air HD channels
  • Integrated with most TV manufacturers
  • Keep Guests connected, informed and entertained
  • Wide selection of Movies and New releases
  • Adult Content with Parental Controls
Hospitality Video on Demand Frontend ProcessHospitality Video on Demand Frontend Process
Hospitality Video on Demand Backend ProcessHospitality Video on Demand Backend Process

Our Hospitality Video on Demand System Offerings:

Leveraging its proven technological know-how in digital media delivery and next generation Set Top Box service, Dusane has created a pure play technology end to end solution that can be used by interested partners for implementation of Video-On-Demand service for Hospitality industry outside of our home jurisdiction of North America (US, Canada) and India.
Partners with expertise and leverage Hospitality industry can set Hospitality DRM service either under its own brand or in a joint venture with us. The new entity shall own its customers and customer relationship management. Dusane shall handle all the backend operations and provision of STB’s.

As part of the collaborative partnership for DMR, the partners shall be responsible for:

  • Marketing and promotion of the service and also working on the customer acquisition
  • Customer registrations for the service as well manage the monetary collection process
  • Handling of level-1 customer support shall be provided by the operator

We shall obtain major Hollywood studio rights for standard definition and high definition formats and shall provide Hollywood studio approved G6 Set Top Box for playing the content.

Our backend services include:

DAM acts as the powerhouse of content aggregation. As part of the service DAM will track and manage the contents specific to an operator. DAM shall store all the encrypted movies, and the related information such as synopsis, genre, actor’s names, movie length etc., together as a complete package. DAM also provides the facility of tracking each movie distribution to the operator’s customer, for control and commercial management.
In digital delivery movie needs to be encrypted for data security reasons, as well as for providing the right content to the entitled customers who has requested it as part of the service. The complete process is content preparation handled by us. The content preparation process begins from the receipt of movies from Hollywood studios, digitization process for reducing the size and finally encryption makes the content secure for delivery. The complete process happens at the state of the art studio with approved encoding and encryption technologies and facilities. Additional data such as graphics, synopsis, genre etc. are also added in between the whole process.
Scheduling and content upload is one of the important aspects of delivery process, which shall be managed by us. All digitized and encrypted contents will be defined, scheduled and uploaded as per each customer’s demand.
A Network Operation Centre is 24×7, state of the art hub, set up by us to provide the backend service supports of packaging and distribution of content. It shall work as the monitoring unit for content delivery, and keep a health check of STB’s and delivery networks.
Customized reports on customer enrolment and content usage shall be provided time to time and on request to the operators as per their requirements.
Revenue share data is a vital part of the reporting. We shall provide appropriate revenue share reports to the operators as well as the studios.
The general level 1 customer calls will be handled by the operator, however we shall extend its support to the operator’s call centre in case of issues related to technical difficulties with STB, movie playback problems, movie quality issue and any other issues related to the device, not specified here.
We shall acquire content from major Hollywood studios, Independent producers or any other content providers, if so desired at an additional fee.