Digital Signage SystemSignavista – Digital Signage System

Signavista is a Centralized Managed Digital Information and Signage System. It manages display signs to present constantly changing, computer generated, full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text, and animation. Dynamic changes can be made quickly and cost effectively, and targeted messages can be distributed to hundreds or thousands of displays at once. The dynamic signage system comes loaded with a host of powerful features such as the ability to read data from different external systems, alter content to match the location and target audience, modify the signage content streaming at different locations from a single point and the option of flexible scheduling.

digital signage system

Digital Signage System Features:

  • Signavista is centrally managed digital signage system
  • It produces high quality images, graphics, animations and videos to ensure an HD broadcast.
  • This dynamic signage facilitates continually changing full motion video, rich graphics, animations and text.
  • Media content may be displayed on scrolling message boards, projection screens, plasma or LED monitors.
  • Signavista signage systems are equipped with a technology that allows them to read data from various external systems including MIS, ERP or Databases.
  • Digital signage systems give the flexibility of scheduling
  • Individual and location signage specific scheduling may be done from remote location. This way the media scheduling can be done easily across locations.
  • It is a Web 2.0 facilitated browser based solution
  • It provides telecast certificates for content played on the displays. Logs of the media run are also available.
  • Signage system by Signavista may be personalized with the objective of targeting the smaller audience that rests within the larger audience.
  • Signavista signage system has a strong network that enables you to alter the content running at multiple locations from a single authoring station.
  • Internet or private IP network allows instant modifications in the display content – be it for a single venue or any display across the globe.
  • To fetch more profit Signavista signage content may be altered based on the demographics, local interests and purchasing capacity and patterns of people.
  • Operators may easily lay hands at the exhibition history of the display sites.

Digital signage system can be used for Electronic Billboards, Corporate Communications, DOOH (Digital Out of Home), Information Kiosks and Captive Audience.

Signavista digital signage system may be used in almost all the sectors. The same network works well for different industries across locations to impact different segments of consumers.

Digital Signage System Applications:

Retail digital Signavista signage is a good way to promote a brand in the retail industry. Store signage is a faster and more effective way of influencing the customers and raising the sales. It gives way to cross marketing and cost effective promotions. In store signage may be used to provide information about any special offer, upcoming or ongoing event/ campaign and give any public information.
Digital signage has proved its worth in the transportation sector as well. The information about the Flight/ Bus/ Train timings may easily be imparted to all the passengers at once with the help of this system. Similarly the passenger information, passenger list and connectivity information may also be exhibited on these tactfully placed displays. Railway and Airport digital signage are a common sight these days. They reduce the passengers’ dependency on the airport/ railway staff for getting information. Travelers receive instant and accurate updates.
Signavista digital signage for banks and insurance firms may be used for branding and providing information about the rate of interest, token number, etc in banks, insurance offices, investment offices, ATMs, collection centers and other such places. These may even be used to stream latest financial news as well as customer information.
Telecom and utility industry may make use of signage system for brand promotion. They may share rates of different products, utility of their products, customer information, etc.
Government may make use of the digital signage to share information related to emergency services, important contact numbers and links and other essential information by way of these displays. Government may install these at different places including public areas, community centers and government offices. Hospital signage may be placed in government hospitals. The government may even earn revenue by incorporating advertisements.
Signage system serves as a great tool for corporate offices. It eases corporate communication – both internal as well as external. It may be used for corporate promotions, reward and recognition, sharing meeting schedules, HR and admin activities, employee information and much more.
Attractive graphics and animated content capture people’s sight at once and are enough to generate their interest in the product/ service being displayed. These are thus a great medium to boost the business at casinos, cinema halls and other such places.
Fast food joints, restaurants and cafes may benefit immensely by displaying alluring images and videos of the scrumptious food on offer. Restaurant signage is a sure shot way to boost their sale. These may even be used to promote special offers and campaigns. Hotel signage is especially known for displaying innovative and attractive content.
Bars, Liquor companies usually have unutilized advertising budgets that may used to promote their products via signage systems at bars, lounges and pubs.
Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to advertise and promote different products. Installing signage system at such places helps promote the products in a better way thereby increasing the sale.
Similarly the healthcare digital signage in hospitals and clinics impacts the healthcare industry positively.

Benefits of Digital Signage System:

1. Digital signage enhances the ambience of the place and brings the atmosphere to life.
2. The dynamic signage serves as a source of infotainment for both employees as well as customers.
3. Retail digital signage reduces perceived waiting time at utility locations.
4. It influences the purchase decisions by offering sales pitch chance at point of sale.
5. This digital information display is effective in imparting relevant, helpful and timely information to the customers. It is quite unlike TV and Radio that create annoyance and are perceived as irritating interruptions.
1. Digital signage enable digital promotion eliminates need to spend time and invest money in printing and distributing static signs each time a new campaign comes up.
2. Digital out of Home is a more cost effective way of advertising as compared to pamphlets, leaflets, newspapers and magazines. At the same time, it can target a greater number of people and create a bigger impact.
3. Digital displays may be provided to more real estate with less clutter and waste as compared to static media.
1. Signage systems serve as an effective medium to display multiple advertising messages thereby resulting in greater brand recall.
2. Digital out of Home (dooh) advertising through digital signage may be run round the clock and create a greater impact on the customers as compared to magazines or newspapers that are viewed just once a day.
3. It may provide higher ad spots in the same amount of space.
4. Among other benefits of digital signage, it allows you to exhibit the media content on numerous displays at once.
1. Digital signage creates a greater impact as compared to glow signs and billboards as besides attractive images, these are even used to display high definition animations and full motion videos.
2. Creative audio visuals allure the customers and impact their buying decisions resulting in increased sales.
3. Digital Signage has the capacity to influence the customers to indulge in shopping almost instantly as compared to other mediums of advertising that generate passive potential customers.
1. Digital signage may be managed from a central location; it can be operated remotely. It thus reduces the manpower requirement.
2. Another benefit is that it allows media content to be uploaded and modified round the clock and from virtually anywhere.
3. The advertising content may be shared instantly thereby speeding up the marketing process.
Modifications in the media content/ campaigns is done instantly and cost effectively.

Why Signavista Digital Signage System:

  • It has a good amount of experience in the entertainment and media industry.
  • Signavista digital signage business model is cost effective, especially when compared to the advantages it has in store for you.
  • It is apparently the only big scale digital signage provider in an on-demand scenario. It gives you the ease to pay as you move and scale gradually. Signavista may even develop exclusive network for you in case you wish to control it all on your own.
  • It can be installed in a short duration of time; be it for a Digital Signage end user, a content creator or a reseller. It makes things really easy for all the stake holders. You would not be required to spend time coordinating with multiple vendors.