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Business Overview

Dusane Infotech, an ISO 9001:2015 certified technology consulting and development company with focus on middleware engineering services in the gaming & media space. Dusane Infotech is headquartered in Mumbai, India.


  1. Dusane Infotech’s vision is to consolidate and further strengthen its position as a technology provider in the niche domains of Media, Hospitality, Gaming and Entertainment Industry.
  2. It would like to grow into the largest Indian brand in the Gaming domain and become the preferred partner of companies and service providers for the above industries in different global markets.


  1. Enhance the revenue earning capabilities of its clients, through a continuously available technical team capable of servicing and supporting their respective operations.
  2. Refining the Gaming platform by researching and adopting the latest, path-breaking technologies and skills, so as to offer new and better games/betting options, functionalities and reporting matrices.
  3. Productise the media, entertainment and hospitality segment offerings, by nurturing the IPs that have been created over a period of time and benchmark the same to global standards.


The core values that guide the Dusane Infotech Team to blaze ahead and strive to achieve the stated objectives as defined by the vision and mission statements are:

  1. Respect for the team, clients and vendors alike
  2. A totally team based, agile approach to solution creation, deployment and support
  3. Creating a work environment that is fun-filled and encourages learning, in a way that would help incubate new ideas and solutions
  4. Absolute integrity towards one’s work commitments
  5. Nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit in the employees by recognising them for the new solutions that they create, thus imbibing a sense of ownership amongst them.

We offer technology platforms for the gaming solutions as well as media and transactions solutions which helps our clients to:

  1. Reduce their time-to-market
  2. Reduce costs and
  3. Drive business value

Our Product Offerings

Combining a fresh perspective to high volume business transactions with our experience in advanced technologies, we deliver consistent results for projects rarely achieved with conventional methods. Our business transactions framework handles high volume centralized transaction over multi-location points of transaction.

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of industry stalwarts
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