Betting SystemBATS Betting System

Bet Acceptance and Transaction System (BATS) is Dusane Infotech’s proprietary centralized betting system which offers betting operators a turn-key transactional and EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) solution. The betting system allows betting operators to accept a variety of fixed odds bets on various betting games like Lottery Games, Virtual Games, Sports Betting, Casino Games and other form of traditional betting games.

BATS Betting System

Betting System

BATS betting system is fully customizable to suit the needs of a betting operator for a secure, reliable and feature-complete betting solution. BATS betting system offers major functionalities like wagers, validations, reporting, inventory management, accounting and hotline management functions, to name few. With no single point of failure it does this in a reliable way ensuring continuous operations. The betting system maintains the integrity and transparency of all gaming operation and transaction data with its unbeatable security framework.

BATS Betting System Features:

  • Supports all major Lottery game variations including lotto, digit (2, 3, 4 digit etc.), keno, bingo, traditional games, and more.
  • Provides betting solution for Sports Betting Operators, Virtual Racing Operators and any Game Developers who intend to add transactions to their game.
  • Provides Online Player Accounting module for centralized Player credits and payments
  • Supports multiple gaming channels such as point-of-sale terminals, web/Internet, mobile Apps, SMS/USSD.
  • Provides full range of management capabilities for instant ticket (scratch) games including inventory management, distribution, validation, and accounting.
  • Manages retailer accounts, including credit control features to restrict fraud or default by retailer.  Banking system integration is also available for automated retailer payment processing and accounts update.
  • Comprehensive reporting system for retailers as well as operators and auditors.
  • Designed using a best-of-breed selection of key open source technologies combined with appropriate commercial software.
  • Utilizes open standards such as XML and web services for easy integration with third-party systems.
  • Reliability and recovery mechanisms safeguarding the system from failures in networks, hardware, software, databases and natural disasters
  • Modular architecture that allows for simple scaling from the smallest to the largest operation.
  • Highly parameterized design allows for changes to be made without any software modifications.
  • Browser based betting system administration for ease of deployment.  Secure access for authorized personnel can be made available via any internet connected PC.
  • Multi-layered authentication and security system with encryption of sensitive data

BATS betting system consists of two components:

BATS Server: Central betting engine and head end application

  • No single point of failure transaction processing system for gaming
  • Platform agnostic – Runs on any hardware and software (Operating System)
  • Leverages cost effective open source software like Linux & JBOSS
BATS POS: Point of sale solution for betting system

  • Supports point-of-sale terminals and self-service POS
  • Optional implementation on Tablets, Mobile, Web Browser compatible interfaces
  • Customizable on any standard hardware platform

Gaming Solutions based on BATS betting system are: