Keno System Implementation Case Study


Our Client is the largest Casino in a South Asian Country. They have thousand EGMs in a single venue.

Business Need:

Casinos basically have table and slot games which offer low or high value bets. Slot machine games are one of the options and slot machines are quite engaging as well for a lot of players. But in Slot machines customers have no choice but to keep pressing the spin button and the machines will generate the lines and the lucky ones win.

In Keno, customer has an ability to select his own set of numbers and then based on the results have the opportunity to win some prize money. Also Keno offers large jackpots for smaller bets. Even for a one-dollar bet, one can hope to win a thousand dollars in one shot which probably is not possible in the slot machine where the progressives need to build up to a certain level and the jackpot is paid only after the progressives gets build up. However in Keno even if the progressives are not built up one can still have the opportunity to win on the first board.

Keno is an ideal game for Casinos because it is a rapid game. One can have a draw every 3 minutes and it keeps the customer hooked to it. Keno can also have draws in animation formats so one can have virtual draws for Keno. This is in line to our client wanting to add a number game to its offerings to grow its business.

Dusane’s Solution:

Keno is an operator-assisted game where the person is dependent on someone to generate the ticket based on his choice. Dusane implemented it in the form of a game loaded on tablets. The runners carry these tablets along with a mobile printer around the floor and take bets from people who are playing around other electronic game positions or table games and don’t want to come away to the Casino cage and place their bets. Dusane also implemented digital displays where draw results are shown across the casino floor.

It took nearly one week to install complete Keno system. It was built on Dusane’s proprietary betting system. Customization was done to create virtual animation. This included customization, installation & staff training.


The Keno system implementation process was managed in a very smooth manner. The Client appreciated the quick deployment and complemented that our system is quite comprehensive and easy to understand. We trained about 250 staff members and within a week they were all equipped to run the show! Once the system went live we were required to spend just one or two nights for hand-holding and addressing teething issues if any. There were fortunately no major issues which cropped up nor has there been any single support call. Everyone was able to adapt to the new system pretty fast.

The customer being an experienced Casino operator has now moved to the next level and is spending money actively in Marketing activities. This includes publishing content about Keno in their marketing collaterals and also displaying the Keno launch on all their prominent signages and TV displays at strategic locations within the premises including the display of the Keno draws.

The customer is quite enthusiastic and confident about the success of the new Keno product from Dusane and early revenues registered on a daily basis have shown a lot of promise to grow significantly over a period of time, supported by their continuing promotions and marketing activities.

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