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Our customer is a part of the reputed group of companies, which is one of the leading Indian business houses with interests in Media, Entertainment, Gaming, Packaging and Amusement Parks. Our customer has a presence in all inhabited continents and employs more than 8,000 employees worldwide.

Business Overview & Gaps

Like other countries of the world, Lotteries have been in existence in India for a long time. Paper Lotteries run by state Governments were the only forms of lotteries available to the playing public. Lotteries in India are regulated through the Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998, which allows State governments to decide on approving lotteries in their state.

Paper lotteries in India were run in most un-transparent manner which caused two evils – depriving the State Government of its share of income and cheating the poor people, who were the only buyers of lotteries.

The annual sale of lotteries, both official and unofficial, in India is estimated to be in the range of Rs 25,000 crores with approximately 25 million people buying lotteries everyday. The bulk of these sales are for the conventional paper lottery in Online mode, which attracts people from the lower income groups. While the paper lottery caters to the lower income groups the average price per ticket is only Re.1.10. This is a market with high volumes but low margins for the states selling these lotteries.

As the traditional paper lottery suffers from lack of transparency and credibility and a large percentage of tickets are believed to be counterfeit, Online lotteries seek to overcome these problems. Seeing the opportunity in lottery business in India our customer collaborated with State Governments to introduce online lotteries to various Indian States. Online lottery was estimated to provide following benefits to the State Government:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Employment Generation
  • Control of Revenue Leakage due to lack of transparency

Dusane’s Solution

Dusane’s team helped our customer to launch online lotteries with proper data integrity, in-built checks and balances, easy audit ability and live draws on television.

With Dusane’s online lottery software our customer became the first and the largest Online Lottery operators in India with a strong presence in all lottery playing states.

Dusane supported customer to launch India’s first online lottery game in March 2002 and currently offers twenty different games to the lottery players. The games are a mix of lotto type and digit type games. The company has a nationwide presence and operates in all lottery-promoting states.

Apart from 10,000 POS terminals installed across the lottery playing states, players can also play through Mobile phones and Internet.


States in which the lotteries were operated earned revenue through Sales tax and provided employment to a considerable number of people in each such State. A small State like Sikkim earned over Rs 60 crores in the first 12 months of its Online Lottery operations against which the State announced a project for supporting the physically handicapped in their State. The mid-day meal scheme for poor children in Karnataka was totally financed from the revenue of Rs 100 crores generated through Online Lotteries in the first year. Funds generated through online lotteries helped the State Government to raise resources to be utilized for good causes like social upliftment, setting up educational institutions and providing medical facilities.

Our customer has contributed nearly Rs 400 Crores to various State Governments. It has generated millions of winners till date including 71 “Crorepatis” and more than 3000 “Lakhpatis”. It is the most recognized lottery brand in the country and is the market leader in online lotteries.

Our customer has also expanded outside India by launching its Online Lotteries in Cambodia and Philippines.

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