Most Popular Sports among Punters in the Sports Betting Industry

Sports betting is steadily growing in popularity across the globe. With smartphones and online betting apps making sports betting easily accessible to the wider public, large sums of money are exchanging hands daily across a wide array of sports. Let’s have a look at the most popular sports globally among sports betting enthusiasts.


A giant when it comes to sports betting, football is among the most popular sports in the global sports betting arena. With millions of fans following the sport across the world, many of them like to regularly put in bets on the sport. From guessing the first goalscorer, player of the match, final result, and more, football offers a plethora of betting options. Sure to say, football betting has become a big part of modern-day football among fans.

The Champions League final attracting a massive audience of more than half a billion viewers across the world is a testament to the popularity of football globally. The very fact that sports betting enthusiasts have a large variety of leagues to bet on with official matches going on in any nook and corner of the globe 24 hours a day & seven days a week in itself indicates the incredibly huge stature of football in the sports betting space.

Lawn Tennis

Not many people would have anticipated Lawn Tennis to be among the popular sports in the sports betting industry. Having said that, this often underrated sport has steadily gained popularity among sports betting punters with it helping generate billions of pounds of revenue in betting each year. This is certainly a big achievement for a sport whose reach is more or less limited to the four well-known Grand Slam tournaments – Wimbledon, US Open, French Open & Australian Open.

The onset of live betting has been an important factor in the surge in tennis betting. Sports betting aficionados getting the chance to bet on each individual set with just a mere touch of a button has been an influential factor in the rise of the tennis betting market. Additionally, with big names like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray & Serena Williams dominating the sport over the past decade, betting on tennis is comparatively more predictable & easy as opposed to other sports.

Horse Racing

Once a powerhouse in the sports betting space, horse racing has been overshadowed by football & lawn tennis in recent times. The new generation of sports betting enthusiasts has shown little interest in horse racing with football & lawn tennis their preferred options. Regardless, the game is still among the popular sports in the sports betting industry with significant amounts involved in betting across the world.

US Sports

A family of popular sports in the United States, US Sports as such includes American football (NFL), basketball (NBA), ice hockey (NHL), and baseball (MLB). It’s difficult to divide the US sports into separate markets due to the fact that punters generally place Acca bets which throw in wagers encompassing all types of sports in the US. A new entrant among the popular sports in the sports betting space, betting companies are increasingly becoming aware of the rising popularity of US sports and are devising specific promotions targeting this segment.

Best of the Rest

There is a long list of other sports that have considerable clout in the sports betting space and attract a significant amount of bets. These include cricket, golf, rugby union, rugby league, GAA, greyhound racing, boxing, UFC & WWE. With a big section of sports betting punters preferring variety & choice, bookmakers have started offering these sports as an alternate source of revenue. The upcoming decade could witness these sports challenging the popularity of football, tennis & horse racing and may even be able to eclipse them in the popularity stakes.

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