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Casino Cashless Management System

Cashless management system is more flexible and secured. Dusane Cashless management system is a combined package of TiTo (Ticket in Ticket Out), AFT (Advance Fund Transfer) & EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).

Ticket In Ticket Out (TiTo) in Dusane Casino Management System

  • System supports Complete TiTo Life cycle
  • Secured Enhanced Validation supported
  • Capability to trace TiTo from inception to redemption
  • Validity check at cage
  • Vouchers can be issued at cage
  • Support for cashable and promotional vouchers

Advanced Funds Transfer (AFT):Provides secure technology for direct transfer of (Debit) money in a form of card. Ensures safety and is easy to use.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):Provides safe and secure direct transfer of money from cash terminal to Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM).

* AFT & EFT – supports EGM’s having SAS version 5.03 and above

How Cashless system is benefiting Casinos

  • Secure technology for direct transfer of money from their in-house account to the slot machine.
  • Cash-out causes direct credit into in-house player account.
  • Password protection via PIN entry and biometrics
  • Single loyalty card can be used for both AFT and player points accrual.
  • No physical cash floating on casino floor, hence no hectic cash management
  • Since no physical cash, entire count room procedures can be skipped.

* Slot Machine needs to be AFT compatible.

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