How can Keno system boost your business

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Implementation of a Keno system can result in the multifold increase in earnings of a casino or a bet shop. In any business, there are two ways to increase sales; either by adding new customers or increasing the order size of existing customers. In the lottery industry, Keno game does both excellently. Keno is [...]

Why Africa has done more lottery business in 1Q16

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A quick study of the nascent lottery sector in the African continent and delving into the growth drivers behind the double digit sales growth of 13% and a quick view of the boundless opportunities available in online lottery in Africa. The lottery business is a multi-billion  dollar industry and only growing steadily every year. First-quarter [...]

How to Use Social Media for Your Lottery Business

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When social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter first appeared on the scene, everyone thought that their job was to connect like-minded people. Instead, these platforms evolved into one great big marketplace. Brands realized the potential of social media and it became a simple, cost-effective instrument to reach the right customers. Digital marketers recommend [...]

Requirements for starting a Lottery Business

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While there are multiple fronts on which a new online lottery business needs to be ready on, the following elements could play a crucial role in a successful launch or otherwise of what is usually a high-potential business in most Countries/States. This article only touches upon some broad based points and is not meant [...]

Why Should You Go For Online Lottery

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Lottery is perhaps one of the oldest forms of gambling known to man. While lottery has been common in most parts of the world, popular perception saw a change in early 20th century and lotteries were banned in most places including the US. After the Second World War, things changed as governments in need of [...]

Types of Lottery Business

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What is Lottery? A tool for raising cash, by trading varied sets of numbers, and distributing rewards to the bearer for the set of number drawn at random. It is a game whose victory or failure is lead by probability. Essential Ingredients of Lottery are: Grounds for starting a Lottery are either of [...]