How online lottery has revolutionized the way lottery is played

We would all love to get lucky! That’s why lottery games have a huge craze across the world. Apart from the potential prizes that a player could win, the sheer thrill involved in it draws more people to it every day.

Lottery is more of a “luck” game, and the earliest record of it can be dated back to Keno slips played around 205 BC in China. From there, the idea spread all over the world and gained immense popularity. An otherwise unrelated development elsewhere in the mobile telephony world would soon play a key role in the growth of the lottery business. This development is related to the invention of public mobile phones in the 1940s, which grew in popularity in 1996 when Nokia introduced the Nokia 9000 Communicator mobile phone. The steadily burgeoning mobile revolution led to the creation of a whole new industry of online lottery systems and revolutionized the way lottery games are played everywhere.

Growth of Online Lottery and its Perks

For starters, online lottery has enhanced the user experience. The lockdown period in 2020 led many people to discover multiple services and experiences on their phones, which resulted in the mobile lottery market having a worth of 3.1 Billion USD amidst the pandemic crisis. The Global Online Mobile Lottery Market is estimated to reach $5.8 Billion by 2027.

Mobile lottery being the best form of an online lottery system, allows the users to be in their zone and fully enjoy the game.

With the growth of this industry, many payment gateways are now available on mobile lottery applications/websites. Particularly, the entry of apple pay in 2020 has helped gain trust among the people for the mobile/online lottery system.

The traditional method of playing lottery games has been the paper lottery system. While this system is generic, it lacks transparency and consistency. This problem of opaqueness in the operations and draws brought about the banning of this lottery system in a few states. The best thing about building an online mobile lottery system is that we can actually create a system where everyone has an equal chance of winning. Furthermore, with the increasing number of smartphone users, more users will prefer to play online lottery as time goes by.

The increase in the use of mobile phones for playing lottery games is significant. Young people tend to use mobile phones more than any other age group. Many countries have been quick to catch up with this trend of online mobile lottery, and most state lotteries are getting an “App” upgrade. In the United States of America, many states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc., have launched their own mobile app. In India, the online lottery system has been introduced in the states of Sikkim, Karnataka, etc., with over 10,000 POS terminals installed across the many lottery-playing states. A similar system is available in England, Canada, and other lottery playing countries.


With technology spreading out to almost everything, it’s time that we revamped old systems for good. The online/mobile lottery system is becoming more popular, and the next decade will see more players coming online to participate. The flexibility, convenience, and security this environment offers make it a more credible option. So, if you are looking to build a mobile lottery app, then don’t look back, as creating one can help you reap significant fortunes. The statistics show a large number of downloads per week of the popular lottery apps, and the growth of this trend is certainly on an upward curve.

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