How can Keno system boost your business


Implementation of a Keno system can result in the multifold increase in earnings of a casino or a bet shop.

In any business, there are two ways to increase sales; either by adding new customers or increasing the order size of existing customers. In the lottery industry, Keno game does both excellently. Keno is a rapid draw numbers game which gives the player the ability to place smaller bets with the possibility of a high win and to play multiple games in quick succession. Behavioural science shows that the single feature that attracts players is the possibility of winning an enormous sum of money. Losing is also not a deterrent but rather an incentive to keep playing to recover the losses. Keno is a quick game where results are announced in minutes. Since Keno is such a rapid game offering a low investment high return possibility, this is all the more exciting for the player and helps in attracting more patrons to the establishment as was recorded by one of Dusane Infotech’s clients after they implemented the Keno system.

What is Keno System

The Keno system is a comprehensive hardware and software solution that is deployed to play the Keno game. It can be deployed in an establishment of any size, for the smallest to the largest. Dusane’s Keno system is developed for and can be implemented in both Casinos and Bet Shops. It allows for easy scalability so that it can be easily expanded as the business and the organisation grows. Dusane deploys the Keno system on multiple points of sales (POS) like betting POS, mobile POS, tablets etc. These POS are pre-loaded with the game to enable players to place their bets and receive the ticket instantly. Digital displays are also installed on the casino floor where draw results are shown. The system is developed so as to generate maximum player involvement to maximize entertainment and spend in the casino.

Two Pronged Sales Growth

The Keno system aims to not only get existing players to increase the number of bets but also to involve more players. This is achieved by the portable system that allows bets to be placed from any location on the casino floor and whilst playing other games. The purpose of a Keno system is basically making the Keno game available to everyone on the casino floor. The players can thus play 2 games simultaneously thereby increasing the house edge multi-fold. E.g. In a large casino, a tablet POS can be used where a runner carries pre-loaded tablets along with a mobile printer around the floor and takes bets from people sitting at Game Tables, Slots or at the Bar. In this way, players can keep playing the game they are currently playing and play Keno simultaneously. Considering the astronomical house edge in Keno, one can imagine the incredible boost to the business from the Keno system.

To further increase the volume of play, the system can be implemented across a host of contact channels like POS Terminals, Self-service Terminals (SSTs), Web/Internet, and Mobile (sms and downloadable).  In this way, Keno system develops both the avenues of sales growth discussed earlier, namely addition of customers and increasing ticket values.

Immense Earnings

The house edge offered by Keno is much higher than almost all other games.

Consider this comparison of some popular games vs Keno

GameHouse Edge (depending on game variations)
Slot Machines3.9 - 15.20%
Roulette (Double Zero)5.26%
Baccarat1 - 14%
Roulette (Single Zero)2.70%
Craps0.02 – 16.67%
Three Card Poker1.46 - 2.32%
Blackjack0.20 – 0.63%

One can only imagine the amount of bets placed every day and the resulting house share. Also, since Keno offers low investment high returns i.e. for a bet as low as $10 one can hope to win $1000; something that is not possible in most games; the players play the game repeatedly to win the high prize. Due to this, the amount of bets placed by the same player on Keno vis-à-vis slot machines is much higher. This is the beauty of Keno.

Comprehensive System

The system takes care of every detail that the manager would need to to run a smooth game and to keep the players happy. First off, Keno system allows for the use of both, a virtual ball draw or a physical ball draw device. This is important where physical ball draw is required by the players. The system integrates seamlessly with either operation.

From the manager’s point of view, it allows for comprehensive reporting system for management. The administration interface is available to staff users and offers a variety of game configuration options and reports. The management has the ability to manage operator accounts as well as put in credit control parameters to restrict fraud or default by Operators. It also takes care of the most important part of the game for both the players and the casino, i.e the Transaction system. The Transaction system processes all bets, validations, reporting, ticket management and accounting functions, to name just some. It does so in a secure way ensuring the integrity and transparency of the gaming operation, including each and every transaction and related data.


The deployment is also quick and seamless. Dusane has a case study, wherein it implemented the tablet system mentioned earlier in just about a week in a live environment. It is also extremely user friendly and thus empowers casino employees to easily manage the system without any difficulty. It uses open standards such as XML and web services which allows for easy integration with third-party systems. This means that one does not have to make any major changes to the existing setup and infrastructure.

Game Flexibility to keep it interesting

Another important factor affecting the players is the flexibility of bets. The system is flexible in supporting various kinds of bets. The system allows the flexibility to modify payouts, margins and jackpot contributions, if required. This keeps the game interesting and the players hooked. Each player has a different method of number selection, so the aim is to provide a system that is as flexible as possible to accommodate all styles of game play. Based on its experience, Dusane can provide the guidance to set up the payoffs and the different types of bets so as to maximise player satisfaction. Players have to feel that the system allows them to maximise their luck in choosing their lucky numbers.

Apart from this, it can also accommodate other games like lotto and bingo; thereby enabling the casino to keep the players excited and hungry for more. Dusane is soon launching a new gaming platform which will integrate all types of games like Lotto, Keno, Digit, Virtuals, Electronic Casino – Card / Slots and Sports on one single platform.

The Keno system enables the casino to even tap players not currently in the betting area or those playing other games, thus increasing their betting value. Building on the inherent nature of the game, the system is built to be robust enough to play rapid games again increasing the daily betting value. The Keno system brings together all of these factors to deliver a powerful boost to your earnings.

About Dusane Infotech

Dusane Infotech is an expert in technology solutions for the online gaming industry with more than 12 years experience and turnkey implementation of gaming solutions in 25 countries across 4 continents. We provide comprehensive, robust and integrated consultancy services to our clients for lottery operational setup and roll out. Recognising the potential of Africa, we have a specialisation in this area having worked in almost all the countries where gambling is prevalent like Chad, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda and Zimbabwe. It’s online Keno System is built on its proprietary BATS betting system and has been successfully implemented for several satisfied client’s.