Restaurant order management system for great customer experience

Restaurant order management system for great customer experience

Customer experience has many touch points, especially in B2C industry. First touch point when your marketing department’s communication reached to your potential customer and he becomes aware of your company’s brand; 2nd is when he develops a credibility about your brand either through a referral or your legacy or any other way, 3rd actually when he buys your product/ services either online or through a brick-and-mortar shop and 4th after purchase experience.

1st and 2nd touch points are often driven by the marketing communications but what matters the most for sustainability of any business are the 3rd & 4th touch points. A potential customer getting converted to a customer and from there to a loyal customer largely depends on his experience while actually using the product/service.

Customer experience for restaurant industry:

Restaurant industry which is both a product and service industry, it is not only the quality and taste of the food, hygiene and cleanliness of premises but also courteous and quick service by staff matters the most. One experiences avoiding going to a restaurant popular for his food only because of its laid back service, especially in dearth of time. A visitor’s experience inside the restaurant determines if he will ever return again.

Anything that impacts a guest’s experience can affect their brand loyalty. Any time a restaurant or hotel patron has a lengthy wait, customer satisfaction (and so, loyalty) is at risk. Conversely, outstanding customer service can bolster customer loyalty. So how does one minimize negative customer experiences and provide market-differentiating service and amenities? Obviously, hiring the right people goes a long way toward this goal, but giving those talented people the right technology can provide a valuable competitive edge. Therefore, a restaurant owner must employ an efficient restaurant order management system. Whether it’s a self-service fast food chain, five-star restaurant or home delivery model fulfilling orders in (before) time is what an order management system must delve into.

Order Management system for Restaurants:

A restaurant order management system is an ecosystem to deliver guest a rich & personalized experience while interacting with restaurant staff and provide tools to the restaurant owner to optimize revenues, enhance operations and reduce operational costs.

A restaurant order management system has different forms based on its utility:

Tablet based digital menu:
This replaces traditional paper-based menu card with an iPad or a tablet. The guests are presented with iPad based digital menu and they can place an order without seeking waiter to attend them. This digital restaurant menu comes with an intuitive user interface exclusively designed to ease the process of searching for the menu on offer and placing orders. Digital menu also offers value added features like placing custom order, checking for other customer reviews, nutritional value and popular dish on menu. Restaurants also offer visitor to book the tables and place orders through online menu before even entering the restaurant.

With iPad menu, restaurant owner can easily modify the menu, prices, varieties and availability eliminating printing cost each time there is a change. He can lure customers with mouth-watering visuals. He can highlight popular dishes and daily specialties, flaunt customer testimonials and offer loyalty points & occasional discounts. Order management system integrated with POS eases billing process further reducing waiting times.

Self-service kiosks:
Fast food joints and other Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) usually have kiosks which allows one to place orders. Situated away from the actual food joint it separates order placement process from the payment process. The order workflow is designed to reduce waiting times and serve maximum customers on the go.

Food ordering mobile application:
Mobile based restaurant order management application enables remote food ordering. Restaurant owner uploads the menu on its mobile application, this serves as digital menu handy to every loyal customer. Many owners offer loyalty points and special discounts when ordered through mobile application. Apart from restaurant’s proprietary app, many marketplace mobile ordering apps are available which aggregates offers from best of the restaurants in the city.

Restaurant order management system is not just about facilitating order placement but making the customer feel in charge of the complete process. Being the controller of anything is certainly the pinnacle of customer experience.

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