Digital Signage market in India

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Digital signage is all about giving the good old sign and bill boards a techno-lift. Today, they are primarily used for marketing, information display system, exhibitions, advertising etc. Configurable nature of information display systems and count-down based advertisements allow the use of dynamic content. Also animation based advertisements capture more attention than the non-animated ones. [...]

Digital Signage for Retail industry

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Retail industry has witnessed a huge shift in marketing world. There are endless modes of marketing - print ads, television ads, word-of-mouth, out of home advertisement to digital signage. For example, Amul is well remembered in hoardings with its unique slogans. In this highly competitive market, the retail industry is moving a step ahead with [...]

Digital Signage: The modern digital out of home advertising

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While modes of advertising have changed over the centuries, OOH advertising is still a relevant form of communication today. The traditional and popular forms of Out of Home advertising are hoardings or billboards, banners and posters, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. They present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers [...]

How Digital Signage System can Reduce Marketing Cost for Organizations

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Going by the historical point of view, marketing has been reliant on advertisements of various forms. Depending on the nature of business, advertising can take up to 50% of the revenue. For any company, this is a huge amount and even a slight reduction in this expenditure can be greatly beneficial. The universal appeal of [...]