Digital Signage market in India

Digital signage is all about giving the good old sign and bill boards a techno-lift.

Today, they are primarily used for marketing, information display system, exhibitions, advertising etc. Configurable nature of information display systems and count-down based advertisements allow the use of dynamic content. Also animation based advertisements capture more attention than the non-animated ones. Though this trend has set in several countries a few decades ago, India has now begun to emerge as a new yet strong market for this industry.

How does Digital Signage work?

The primary components used for setting up digital signage are LED/LCD boards for display, a central content management system and media players. The biggest advantage of opting for digital signage is the fact that the content can be easily updated or modified. The digital signage system supports many popular operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS, etc. The current advancements in digital signage industry include3D display and interactive boards.

Digital Signage in India

Up until the last decade, India didn’t see any serious deployment of digital signage system for advertising or other purposes. But the last five years saw a large number of companies investing on digital signage and related services and the growth graph has shown upward trend. According to a report from 6Wresearch, it is estimated that this industry will seek revenue of about $524 million by 2019 and a 25.8% growth is anticipated between the years 2014 to 2019. The report also says that the major growth in this sector can be attributed to 32-40 inch range LCD display boards.

Off late, India has seen rapid urbanization and the boom in the IT sector has led to the rise in per-capita income of the people. This has direct effects when it comes to spending, both by the consumers and by the sellers. More connectivity to the Internet across the country has made businesses to invest more on advertising online and offline. So, sellers have started to consider upgrading to the digital signage as their advertisement tool as a worthy investment. Buyers also find these advertisements to be more engaging and it makes them willing to spend more time exploring the product.

The future of Digital Signage in India is definitely on the stronger side. Video walls, that inculcate digital signage, could be the next big thing in shopping and advertisement industry in India. So India is already gearing up for digital signage era.

Dusane Infotech’s flagship Digital Signage system, Signavista, is the product for this industry in India. Facilitated with Web 2.0, HD broadcast and other latest technologies, Signavista is a centrally managed digital signage system. It is fast, it is flexible, it is dynamic and it is the future of advertising.

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