Digital Signage: The modern digital out of home advertising

While modes of advertising have changed over the centuries, OOH advertising is still a relevant form of communication today. The traditional and popular forms of Out of Home advertising are hoardings or billboards, banners and posters, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. They present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers with ostensible slogans and distinctive visuals. Another form of display advertising is Electronic Signage which includes fluorescent signs, HD (high intensity displays), LED signs and Neon signs. Now with the numerous technological advances, we’re living in the digital times and there is no denying that digital age is well and truly upon us. Digital signage is here!

What is a Digital Signage?

Interestingly, digital signage is widely used but often misunderstood term. Many refer electronically powered signboards such as plasma display panels, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and kiosk stations as digital signages. But these are only illuminated displays with no real digital capabilities.

Electronically illuminated signage forms the hardware component of digital signage, what really empowers a digital signage is the software application which allows content manager to control video content on multiple screens from a remote location.

Digital signage is an efficient and cost effective method of marketing, made possible by the development of flat screen TV devices such as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and plasma. Because of the flatter design of LCD and plasmas they can be used in a similar way as traditional print media such as posters and bill boards but in a more engaging way by using animated graphics and HD quality videos.

Digital signage provides ultimate control on scheduling media content that can be altered remotely on a network of screens. The dynamic scheduling allows content manager to schedule different content at different times matching the context of audience. It allows marketing managers to broadcast information, commercials, or offers to targeted audience to increase its effectiveness. This also saves lots of printing cost, time, efforts and stress for marketers.

From malls to restaurants to airports to post offices, digital signage is sweeping the advertising market. Unlike television commercials, often perceived as intrusions, broadcasting single common message towards larger audience, digital signage communication is focused and targets at the point of purchase (POS). Digital signage enforces brand retention and message recall. Consumers usually look for assurance while making purchase decisions and businesses make sure they offer the same by being there at right time with right message through digital signage communication.

Digital signage is new media and has much more in common with the web than the static sign that it replaces. Digital display networks get the message across in a way that static posters and billboards never could. Large, flat panel, plasmas and LCD screens are now everywhere, and they are grabbing advertising share from more traditional forms of advertising. There is absolutely no denying the benefits it can have for business. It has become an advertising monster and will definitely be here for a long time to devour the other forms advertising!

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