Digital Signage for Retail industry

Retail industry has witnessed a huge shift in marketing world. There are endless modes of marketing – print ads, television ads, word-of-mouth, out of home advertisement to digital signage. For example, Amul is well remembered in hoardings with its unique slogans. In this highly competitive market, the retail industry is moving a step ahead with Digital Signage to acquire and retain customers.

Digital signage displays animated graphics and marketing content using LCD’s, Plasma display panels and LED screens. It is revolutionizing the way shoppers perceive advertisements. High visibility is the key benefit of a digital signage. It can be placed in retail outlets like malls and department to showcase new arrivals, offers, sales, product information, videos, etc. Digital signs could be updated quickly based on variables such as time of day and customized to a region or specific location.

Interactive Signage

Interactive abilities like embedded touch screens, movement detection, image capturing devices elevates their level of work. Interactive content on social media, social networking sites, kiosks, text messages, video sharing, etc can increase exposure and count views. Welcome boards and digital menu board can be dynamic selling tool for a retailer.

Content is the King

The content plays a very important role here as it communicates directly with the customers. Digital images, videos and written content comprise of content part. The content management system manages the content of more than one digital signage with the help of server or media hosting providers. Media content can be remotely altered with different content broadcasted at specified different intervals.

Connecting with Customers

The real value of digital signage is human connections. The content should compel and motivate customers to take action. The retailer should do a thorough study of its market segment to understand their tastes, preferences, buying habits, purchasing power, trends, etc. In this way, he will be more précised as to what customers seek and narrow his content accordingly. For example, if women aged around 35-50 visit a retailer’s beauty store more frequently at a particular time slot; he can fix a specific content dedicated to them including some offers and discounts.

Digital signage has the potential to speak directly with the customers conveying the right message in the right place and at the right time. This will in return increase their time in the retail outlet. Interactive content can draw more people towards the specific product. Amidst rising online shopping, in-store experience still plays a critical part.  Store brand also impacts customers buying decisions. For example, Shoppers Stop would be first preferred by people over other stores. Retail outlets can also put up video walls to convey the awesome factor in the brand. Digital signage content messaging should not be more of ‘buy this product’ command. It should be an effective message telling viewers how a product or service utility can ‘solve a problem and satisfy’ them.


  • Eye-catching display attracts the attention of potential buyers towards your product brand and offers related to it. This triggers impulse buying in the customers and call to action by them.
  • The biggest advantage is that digital signs can be updated by remote control when content needs to be changed. This makes them dynamic. Remote access to content makes it possible to maximize purchasing opportunities.
  • Digital signage avoids printing cost and eliminates paperwork which proves to be an arduous one for the retailer.
  • Due to reduced efforts retailer can concentrate more on customer service. This will impact its customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • It is very important for the retailer to define and build that relationship every time a shopper visits the store or any retail outlet. Strengthening relations and retaining customers will increase the revenue which is less expensive than acquiring new customers.
  • Large or small every retailer wants to engage customers through digital signage, way to provide a good return on investment.
  • Store- brand building, brand awareness and brand equity are some more benefits of digital signage.
  • Enhanced in-store experience surely will bring customers for another purchase.
  • Though digital signage requires heavy investment initially but will prove to be a money saver in the long run.

Measuring success

The simplest way is through Point Of Sale. It will show an increase in sales. Along with important marketing messages, complementary visual themes, digital signage serves as a source of entertainment and information. It has the potential to reach trend-savvy consumers. As a digital society, we expect digital solutions and drift towards them. Digital Signage will prove to be a protagonist in the upcoming marketing world.