Why Virtual Sports is good to have at bet shops

Sports betting operators with bet shop networks are increasingly becoming aware of the immense benefits that they can reap by introducing betting on virtual sports events, along with their regular offering of betting on real sports.

The need to have virtual sports betting systems from the following points:

  • Real sports events are usually seasonal in nature, especially the most popular ones like the European and South American Football leagues. Most of these events happen over the weekends and there isn’t much to bet on, on the weekdays and of course during off-season or slack periods. This is bound to impact revenues adversely, as there is nothing much in terms of options for punters to bet on.
  • In quite a few markets, especially the European markets and even in the African markets, there are pockets in commercial areas that witness a dense presence of bet shop options from different Operators. In such a scenario, Operators are faced with the challenge of differentiating their offerings and ensuring that not only do they add to their daily/weekly number of punters coming in to place bets, but they also need to ensure stickiness of their regular clientele. The idea is to protect one’s own revenues while also poaching on other operators’ customer base to increase your revenues and reach.
    • How do you enhance the regular real sports betting offerings that are usually pretty standard and offered by all the bet shops on your street?
    • What new options can you bring in to keep the punters excited?
    • This is a challenge that most operators will face in their day-to-day business operations and something for which they will need to find a solution.
  • The high frequency and variety of game options that virtual sports brings to the table is another factor that makes it critical to have this option in one’s bet shops. Most virtual games like horse racing, greyhound racing, motor-car racing, cycling, archery, etc., have a game span of 2 or 3 minutes and this leads to the Operator being able to keep these games running continuously to keep the excitement going. It is to be noted that virtual sports events like table tennis, archery, and horse racing find more favor amongst players of specific countries, where these sports are appreciated the most. The propensity of punters to therefore place bets on such games is more in these countries and Operators should introduce virtual games, keeping such idiosyncrasies in mind.

Keeping all such above factors in consideration, it is an imperative in today’s betting scenario to have virtual sports events too. In fact in quite a few markets, the acceptability for the same has grown so high so as to enable it to carve out a minimum of 50%-60% of the total gaming revenues for itself.

It is critical to therefore have a virtual sports provider who not only has the highest quality of animation (closest to real-life as possible!) and a simple betting interface, but also has loads of game options for the Operators to chose from and keep rotating the offerings in the Bet Shops.

DusaneInfotech is one such provider of virtual sports systems, having developed the same in association with a leading player in the sports animation domain; Kiron Interactive S.A. Dusane is the licensed distributor of BetMan and Racekings solutions that it has jointly developed along with Kiron. Both these solutions utilize Dusane’s proprietary BATS transactional framework to enable betting on pre-scheduled virtual sports events.

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