Transaction Processing SystemTransaction Processing System

Security and ease of access is at the heart of successful transactions. More the number of transaction point better it is for customers to perform transactions resulting into rapid business growth. Dusane Infotech offers Transaction Processing System which can be used for wide range of applications like Ticketing Systems, Utility Billing, Micro Credits, Cash Collection Services, Pre-paid recharge, Location Based Services and Electronic Voucher Distribution.

Dusane Infotech offers Transaction Processing System at multiple access points on number of devices such as:

  • Handheld Point-of-sales (POS) devices
  • Self-Serving Kiosk with Cash acceptors, Voucher acceptors and Voucher dispensers (TiTo)
  • Full Service POS with Barcode readers, OMR/OCR Readers and integrated printers
  • Mobile / Tablet based transaction applications on Android, Windows or iOS platform
  • SMS/USSD based transaction gateways to accept and respond to SMS requests

Transaction Processing System Architecture

Features of Transaction Processing System:

  • Multi-channel Transaction Systems – Terminal based, Mobile App, SMS Based or Web Based
  • Multiple Terminal Options, such as Retail POS, Self Service POS, Kiosks, handheld mobile devices and PCs
  • Browser based administration tools and Management Dashboard
  • Interface to accept bets from legacy and proprietary POS Terminals
  • Interface possible with 3rd party application such as Banks, ERP and Inventory systems