Sports betting software features to look for

The online sports betting industry is growing at a continuous and fast pace, and a sports betting platform or software forms the core of the betting business. It’s imperative for online sports betting companies to have the best sports betting system that provides all the essential features to stay ahead of the competition and succeed in the business

There is a plethora of sports betting systems or software available in the market. But the best sports betting platform should have all the latest features and should enable businesses to guide the bettors toward the winning streaks, which will, in turn, help businesses to make profits and succeed.

Here is the list of important features of a Sports Betting System or Software!

  1. Security and Fraud Control: Needless to say, Security and fraud control are of paramount importance and should be guaranteed by using the most sophisticated software and hardware solutions. It should monitor every single transaction and block any fraudulent occurrences. The system should ensure that no information is compromised, and neither is the platform or service damaged or disrupted in any way. It should be hacker-resistant as well and should cover risk management. In case of a fraudulent occurrence, the software should take appropriate actions.
  2. User Friendly: Another basic and one of the most important facets to look for in a sports betting software or system is its user-friendly nature. This aspect is important from both the business and the bettors’ point of view. Bettors should find it easy to follow the sport or game and wager in an uninterrupted manner. This holds true even for bettors with limited knowledge about the game or sport. If the software isn’t compatible and user-friendly, it will lead to confusion, loss of interest in betting and may also lead to losses.
  3. Real Time and Accurate Updates: The software should provide all real-time and accurate updates like statistics, scores, works with numbers, injuries of players, etc., to the bettors. This will enable the bettors to make informed decisions on their bets and make it easier for them to win. The software should also help the bettors to determine the winning chances and predictions.
  4. Pre-match and live betting feature: As the name suggests, this feature facilitates sportsbook bettors to place pre-match & live bets during matches. Although many online sports betting platforms offer pre-match betting, live betting is still an elusive feature. Therefore, online sports betting platforms offering this feature are bound to entice more betting enthusiasts to their platform.
  5. Wide range of betting options: Online sports betting platforms that offer a variety of betting options naturally attract a bigger customer base as compared to platforms that offer limited betting options.
  6. User Engagement Options: The software should support a wide set of user incentives such as vouchers, coupons, point-based programs, and a variety of bonuses, etc.
  7. Easy-to-use & reliable payment modes Offering a variety of trustworthy and simple-to-use payment modes on the sports betting platform is vital to providing a seamless and hassle-free experience to the customers. The multiple payment options can also include fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  8. Management of the Software and Advance Reporting: The software or system should be easy to manage, and all transactions, including website visits, should be stored. Complete, concise, and accurate reports should be available to track every single and even simultaneous multiple transactions. It should enable businesses to manage their players and operators easily.
  9. Multiple Languages and Currencies: The software should support multiple languages and, if possible, should provide an interface to translate the content. Likewise, it should also support all the major currencies and have an option to change the currency as per the bettors’ demand.
  10. Mobile Version: The sports betting action should be available at the palm of the hand with the help of the mobile version of the software. This will enable bettors to place bets directly from their smartphones or tablets.
  11. Excellent and Fast Customer Support: Excellent end-user support should be provided 24/7 either via telephone, emails, or by raising a troubleshooting ticket. Getting in touch with customer support should be fast and easy.
  12. Responsible Gaming: In this day and age, providing responsible gaming features on the platform, spreading awareness among the customers & keeping them informed about the evils of betting addiction are crucial measures in establishing credibility as a trustworthy platform.

Dusane Infotech’s sports betting system provides many more important features other than the ones described above. We offer full servicing gaming software for retail-based online sports betting worldwide. Our sports betting software is built on our proprietary BATS betting system. Most importantly, our sports betting software is customizable as per the operator’s requirements.

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