Progressive Table Gaming software implementation for Macau client


Our customer is a leading gaming technology company based in Macau, China S. A. R. Our customer is one of the mainstays of gambling industry at Macau . It also owns patents to some casino game designs that allow side bets on card game tables like Baccarat, Blackjack etc.

Business Overview & Gaps

In comparison with casinos in North America and Europe, table games generate an exceptionally high proportion of casino gaming revenue in Macau. It becomes extremely important for gaming operators to choose the composition of table games and slot machine offerings, as well as a mix of gaming and non-gaming amenities.

The demand for table games makes it clear that, at least in the near to intermediate future, the optimal strategy for Macau’s casino operators is to retain the high proportion of table games. This is in spite of the fact that the labor costs and floor space demand of table games are typically much higher than those of slots. Nonetheless, because of player preferences and betting patterns, the average net margin from operating table games so far remained considerably higher than that from slot machines.

Sensing an opportunity on the table games, our customer wanted us to implement a solution where bets can be collated from casino tables into a centralized pool to create a progressive jackpot.

Business Need

Towards tapping the opportunity on the table games in Macau, our customer wanted to create a progressive table gaming jackpot solution. They contracted the work to Dusane. The needs of our customer can be summarized as follows:

  • Complete end-to-end solution from hardware to software to deployment
  • High volume transaction capability in their gaming platform to enable progressive gaming capabilities
  • Robust solution for centralizing progressive gaming over a wide area network
  • Architecture to be flexible to customize game configuration to their unique needs

Dusane’s Solution

Dusane implemented BATS based gaming solution for enabling their progressive gaming capabilities. The casino tables were retro-fitted with a custom designed electronics sensor and control box. The players placed their side bets on the sensor and then these bets get registered on the central transaction system. The jackpot pool is then updated through an accounting system.

Dusane’s solution included the following:

  • Selection and engagement with a hardware design company to design and manufacture the table electronics. Dusane wrote the RFQ and specifications towards evaluating the right hardware vendor for this solution
  • Integration of the hardware sensors with the Table PC and central transaction system
  • Customization of BATS Gaming System, accounting and MIS reporting
  • Configuration of JBoss towards enabling 24x7x365 failover route and clustering to improve the performance


  • Gaming system developed on EJB 3.0 framework and deployed on JBoss App Server
  • JSP/Struts web interfaces for admin console, accounting and MIS
  • Oracle database
  • C# / Flash based client for the jackpot displays


  • The progressive gaming solution is live in half a dozen casinos
  • Faster turnaround, as Dusane leveraged its expertise and experience in the entertainment vertical
  • Dusane’s existing gaming system with facility for high volume transactions made it an ideal choice for our customer
  • Dusane’s ability to provide end-to-end solutions proved very effective for the customers and it resulted in quick turnaround time