Keno System for Casinos

Soul of every game in Casinos is numbers. Keno system is nothing but playing with numbers. It’s a lottery like game played in many Casinos, around the world. The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of Casinos is money followed by lottery and then card games. So why are there Keno systems in Casinos? How is it beneficial to the Casinos? To begin with, let’s understand what Keno System is. As stated above, it’s essentially a lottery like game run by Casinos but offers better odds and payoffs than lottery. Unlike lottery, one doesn’t have to wait until a certain day to get the results of the drawings. The results are instant and constant. So people who enjoy playing lottery will find playing Keno an enjoyable activity.

Keno is a game where one decides or guesses few numbers, bets on it and plays. One gets a Keno card or ticket from numbers 1 to 80 and chooses numbers from 1 to 80 and can choose how many numbers one wants to wager on and the more numbers one gets right when one wagers, the bigger the payoffs.

Keno is an ideal game for Casinos as it’s a rapid game. It offers large pay offs for smaller bets. There can be a draw every 3 minutes. Though the gaming rules are more or less similar in all casinos, the fact is that big earnings are one of the best advantages of playing Keno.  It is gambling without risking too much. It is easy to learn and play and involves no reasoning and strategy. It’s as simple as one’s number being selected and wining. With elements of bingo, poker and roulette in it, Keno can be very contagious and engrossing and keeps the customers glued to it which is what Casinos are all about.

Keno system is now available not only in Casinos but online as well. There are many online gaming solutions and consulting companies that offer online Keno systems solutions to various Casinos or have their own online sport betting business. Dusane Infotech is one such technology and consulting and development company that offers platforms for online gaming solutions and has developed its online Keno System built on its proprietary BATS betting system. It’s deployed on multiple points of sales (POS) like betting POS, mobile POS, tablets etc, configurable to offer other major games, Keno Betting variations and developed for both Casinos and Bet Shop Set ups.

Dusane Infotech played a pivotal role in setting up Keno System for one of its major clients , having casinos in different geographical regions, which included customization, installation and staff training, thereby challenging the most popular & conventional gaming method called lottery system by touching the customer nerves who not only need good payoffs on smaller bets with continuous thrill.  This attracted many patrons to the casino and thereby increasing the revenue and customer base.

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