Information Security for Online Lottery business

Success of any game depends on the people’s participation in it. Lottery is no different. In fact earning player confidence and trust in a betting game like lottery is of utmost importance. More the player trust, more the participation resulting into higher winning amount. Higher the jackpot amount it attracts more participation. To gain player trust he needs to feel safe and secure while participating in the game.

There are 2 important ways to gain player confidence:

  • Information Privacy:

    Players need to provide their personally identifiable information (PII) to lotteries to participate in the game. Players also provide their financial information like credit card numbers and bank account numbers, especially in online gaming. They need assurance that their personal information is safe and will not be shared or compromised for illegal use.

  • Game integrity:

    Players need to be assured that lottery game they are participating in follows genuine practices and is fair to all players who are participating. All the lottery draw rules are made available to general public and not being compromised to benefit a few. Winners are selected in transparent manner either though computerized random number generators or through a TV show and winners are paid the prize money as promised in rules.

Both the above aspects are covered under lottery Information Security. As quoted by Security Control Standard(SCS) of World Lottery Association (WLA), the term ‘Information Security’ in broad sense means the “preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.” Confidentiality is to make sure that information (e.g., players data, game participation details, etc) is available to only authorized people for view, edit and append as per access permissions. Integrity is ensuring that information is accurate and consistent and has not been manipulated. Availability ensures that information is accessible to authorized people when needed.

Information security in the online lottery sector can be defined based on its business objectives, stakeholders involved and information protection requirements.

Information security in online lottery is primarily addressed by implementing technical preventive controls – such as firewalls, user access control mechanisms, encryption of data and communications, digital signatures, data backup systems, and detective controls such as intrusion detection systems or security monitoring platforms. Information security is often strengthened by laying physical security policies, procedures and guidelines aimed at controlling the actions of personnel. Technical controls along with physical access policies form the primary components of information security architecture.

Information Security Management Systems are the software programs which are used to implement and streamline information security policies and procedures, both technical and physical. Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) includes all rules, procedures and information security management principles regarding security organization, asset management, human resources security, access control, physical security, communications security, operations security, compliance, incident management, business continuity management and system security, covering its whole development life cycle.

Dusane Infotech’s lottery software has been designed, implemented, and executed with a clear and purposeful intention to maintain a high level of security and integrity in all aspects of the operation. It offers 2 level security – Prevention of security breaches and Detection of security breaches

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