Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela

Improving Educational Reach in Africa

An educated society is a self-sufficient society. Not only does education help people to acquire jobs, it also helps in developing physically and morally sound citizens thus aiding in the nation’s progress. Education is one of the basic rights that should be made available for everybody but sadly it still remains a distant dream for many. According to a USAToday report, until 2007, there were some 46 million African children who had never set foot in a school, let alone get a quality education.

As per UNESCO-BREDA’s statistics, 15.51% of world’s population is in Africa making it the second most populated continent in the world. Apart from the acute poverty in many African households, one of the main reasons for this poor condition is lack of quality teachers and teaching aids. It is one thing to bring kids to school but it is a whole new level of difficulty to make them stay and learn. In the African context, going forward, the biggest problem that needs to be addressed on a priority is supplying proper schooling facilities and personnel to the students in the country.

Addressing the core of the problem, the lack of good teachers can also be attributed to the Government’s negligence of their well-being. Graduates opting for the teaching profession should be paid handsome salaries and they have to be trained well to educate the kids. Experienced teachers should be provided with handsome incentives. Awareness campaigns should be conducted on a large scale to make people realize the importance of education for their own well-being as well as that of their Country.

The role of the private sectors is huge in terms of funding and development in Africa. They can take a step and fill in the shoes of the education department in the country to take progressive steps towards educational equilibrium. Utilizing today’s technology, Virtual classrooms can be considered as one of the most feasible solutions. With Virtual classrooms, experienced teachers and volunteers from all over the world can contribute to this cause and educate the kids in Africa.

Making classrooms virtual will facilitate sharing of information from around the world. The students can be trained with high quality videos, presentations and materials prepared by subject experts around the world. With virtual classrooms, seasoned and expert teachers and Instructors operating from a Studio can deliver lessons and lectures in a two-way mode and this will improve the overall quality of education over a period of time. Students can also be trained for preparatory courses and provided vocational training programs to improve their employability after their graduation. Once the process gets going, the awareness would become infectious; once people start realizing the actual value of seducation and how volunteers are willing to aid them, there will be no stopping in the development.

Dusane Infotech, one of the leading information solutions company in India, has come up with Edubeam- a satellite-technology based virtual classroom system. It is a standalone distance learning solution, where a trainer stationed at one corner of the world will educate students at any corner. The live classroom environment, 3D technology, rich graphic contents and the audio-video interactivity that Edubeam offers will make learning a pleasurable activity. It is highly cost-effective to install and implement this system in the classrooms at any corner of the world. We, at Dusane Infotech, believe that giving a person the gift of education is the best thing for the whole humanity and we are willing to contribute to that with the help of our technologies.

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