EduBeam Virtual Classrooms – Promoting Quality Education for All

Technology has played an important role in the advancement of the human race, reshaping the last century, sometimes in the most pleasantly unimaginable ways. What started as an experiment in a humble lab gave us the Internet. We take it everywhere we go, in our phones, our laptops and tablet devices. We use it for shopping, for entertainment, for business, for connecting with loved ones, and now for educating ourselves with the help of virtual classrooms.

Sharing of knowledge has been the biggest advantage of digital technology as envisioned by its inventors. From sharing information within the lab, digital technology has leapfrogged to sharing information across geographies, bringing us one step closer to achieving the dream of education for all. Technology is not the lesson, but a medium to deliver the lesson to a larger number of students who are otherwise bereft of other means of receiving quality education for various reasons.

Technologyhas presented new avenues in the form of virtual classrooms to students and institutions as distance learning programs bridge the education gap. Constraints of time, distance, and infrastructure no longer apply to learning as virtual classrooms begin to expand their reach to the farthest corners of the world.

Shaping The Future

“Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

Visual lessons are far more effective and leave a lasting impact, a fact proven by continuous research in education by experts across the world. Hence,if not chosen carefully, the wrong contenthas the capacity to take students on the wrong path. Therefore, itis imperative to carefully consider while selecting the right tool, approach or content for virtual classrooms. Particular attention is required towards the utility of the system for better results.

EduBeam Virtual Classroom System allows universities and institutions to bridge the gap between available resources and the goal of education for all. It uses the best technology and design to provide a superior e-learning experience and an inspiring and engaging study environment just like any live classroom using satellites and terrestrial networks that integratea scalable and cost effectiveconferencing application. Students can interact with teachers in remote locations and other students in the region for an immersive and enriching e-learning experience geared for the future.

Defining Goals Of Distance Learning Programs

Nelson Mandela called “education as the most powerful weapon that can change the world.” Institutions and their leadership must define the objectives of adistance-learning program. Once that is ascertained, it merely remains a matter of choice between setting-up e-learning systems in-house, or outsourcingthe entire process to specialized service providers. Distance learning programs must learn to truly utilise the potential of technology for educating the masses in spite of the many doubts that may still linger with regards to virtual classroom software.

EduBeam experts offer assistance to institutions in defining their education goals and infrastructure needs. The EduBeam Virtual Classroom System can run on solar power in the most remote areas where unstable electricity supply may pose a roadblock in learning. EduBeam Virtual Classroom System anticipates and addresses interface design and content delivery related issues to provide a capable and robust virtual classroom that requires very low maintenance.

EduBeam Virtual Classroom is designed to be compatible with different teaching methodsallowingtraining and interaction with students in different parts of a region in real time. Faculty can demonstrate experiments efficiently using the virtual classroom as well. It engages the students and encourages live interaction with faculty and other students. This method of interactive teaching also helps in decreasing the dropout rate, increasing productivity and, therefore, cost effectiveness of this e-learning system.

A Future Not So Distant

EduBeam Virtual Classroom System helps in defining the goals of the distance education program, ensuring that all efforts are focused towards achieving the goals for the benefit of students and providing them a superior leaning experience.At present, the EduBeam Virtual Classroom setup caters to nearly 480 civic schools in Mumbai, enabling guest teachers to lecture students through digital blackboards and screens in different parts of the city and its suburbs in live, interactive virtual classroom sessions. It serves as a fitting example of how distance-learning environment can enhance the quality of education for a much larger section of the society.

Education is an important aspect in human development. It is the most essential component of a developing society, empowering citizens with knowledge of their rights and duties within the society and building a stronger future. With the help of technology, e-learning has enabled access to quality education for students often cut-off from the rest of the world in developing economies. While doubts may still exist in implementation of virtual classroom software, programs that utilise the true potential of technology may be the answer to a better future with education for all.