Does TITO help in Player Loyalty Management in Casino?

Since the ‘70s, gaming has grown into an industry that understands the origins of its profits. The strongest source was grouping gamblers, thereby leading to the growth of loyal players who studied the game better and emerged confident casino players. They later worked even harder at their game so that they stood a very good chance of winning and zeroed on their casino of choice to meet with success.

It was later felt that for player loyalty to emerge as a reason for gamblers coming to certain casinos, it would be necessary to offer them a slew of customer-centric services. From this emerged Customer Relationship Management and the need for branding that would play stellar roles in drawing gamblers into casinos out of loyalty to them. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) began in a small way in the ‘80s and today, it is controlling the gambler’s casino experience.

Does TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) help in Player Loyalty Management in Casino? An acronym of “Ticket in, Ticket out,” paper tickets replaced coins. TITO has become a currency now. With the emergence of TITO, there also emerged two kinds of ticketing systems. One, the player would buy his ticket at the window which listed his account number and amount loaded on to it. The convenience of using one ticket for any game one plays at a casino which takes care of his winnings and losses, his expenses and credits, no player could ask for more. This could be redeemed at the casino’s kiosk when he ends play. For such conveniences, casino players invest loyalty in any one casino of their choice.

Casino players are also given individual accounts, like an ATM account. Here too, he gets a plastic card with a PIN. To play, he inserts it into a slot machine while the computer system tracks his wins and losses. This system is more secure than the other one because it offers more security as without the PIN it cannot be accessed.

Benefits of TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) solution in Casino

These weren’t the only reasons why casino players were getting to be loyal to particular casinos. Other reasons include casinos offering a variety of electronic video games with several playing options. TITO casinos now offer a minimum of six to eight games or more that one can play, such as High-pair stud, Loaded dice, Throw the dough, Triple 7s, etc.

TITO also kept players’ interest in casino games alive by reducing their waiting time. Casinos also have several redemption kiosks so that people could cash in on their winnings.

Another advantage of playing at a TITO casino is that you don’t have to worry about the slot machine ever running out of coins when they are being cashed out. No longer do you have to wait until it’s filled, specially when the casino is busy. Thanks to TITO, that problem is a thing of the past.

Another problem that TITO addresses is that people no longer have to take their vouchers over to the cashier and have them converted to money to be loaded onto another machine. With these new machines, all gamblers need do is to place the voucher of one machine into another and begin play. Also, when leaving the casino, it’s not necessary to cash out but you can keep the voucher with you until you play the next time.

TITO has certainly done a lot to make gambling convenient for hard core gamblers. And it’s so easy that newbie gamblers aren’t daunted to enter these casinos.