Casino Gaming Consultants

Casinos are an exciting opportunity. They have been regarded as potent employment generators along with revenue. The overwhelming popularity of casino games and other gambling activities has prompted many of the states to provide legal status to gaming activities. In the United States, following the success of the Nevada experiment, 48 states have legalized gaming.

Gaming can be done in two different types:

  • Land based casino gaming: This is the version of gambling glorified in movies with entire floors occupied by slot machines and card tables.
  • Online gaming: Online gaming is a non conventional form that includes games such as sports betting, online poker, casino games, online bingo and government sponsored lottery. These gaming allow bets to be placed over the internet.

An important point to note here is that casinos have been mostly deregulated after the 1990s. Hence, it still is at an infant stage. The overall success of the industry can only be formulated after some years. As of now, the future does appear rosy. It brings in employment opportunities along with generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Casino Gaming Consultants are important for a successful management of any casino. A casino entails many commercial and legal hurdles; entrusting professionals can be beneficial in sustaining earnings over the long run. Casino Gaming Consultants provide solutions to set up and manage casinos in an optimal way.

Importance of Casino Gaming Consultants

  • Risk assessment: Like any industry, the gaming industry is subject to extreme market volatility and competition. The startup of a casino requires careful approximation and historical comparison of trends. Figures like probable footfalls, costs of setup, estimated revenue and expected earnings can be given only by consultants.
  • Training of personnel:  Personnel operating the casinos need to be trained on client handling and conduct of games. These trainings are specific in nature. Technical aspects of managing a casino is amongst specialized skills; cash on hand and priority wise handling require training.
  • Regulation compliance: Gambling is an industry that is under careful watch of the regulation authorities. Since the scope of manipulation or treason on part of the casino owner is high and to protect clients from being duped.  Take an example here. The U.S. passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 that led to the closure of many of the gaming sites. A consultant would provide an overview of scenarios facing the industry.
  • Assessment of potential markets: Conventional regulated casino alone generates US$30 billion annually. This generation does not reflect the vast potential of gaming in places such as East Asia where much of the gambling is under regulation. India for example has been valued at US$60 billion. If such markets open up, the potential can be tapped with the help of expert consultation.
  • Strategic alliances: The gaming industry is subject to lots of mergers and consolidation that allows larger companies to incorporate smaller ones. In 2009, Bwin acquired Gioco (Among Italy’s largest poker site). IGT in 2009 purchased Milton 2-1 that allows gaming in mobile devices. These changing trends have implications far beyond the obvious in the industry.

An able consultant is able to understand all the features and provide an honest picture of the casino and promote essential changes.

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