Betting system implementation for Electronic Gaming Machine manufacturer in Europe


Our customer is a Europe based manufacturer of Casino Slot Machines, Video Gaming and Electronic Gaming Machines. The customer is one of the top three manufacturers in this segment, with sales and support offices in 25 countries across 4 continents.

Business Overview & Gaps

Slot machines are the most popular gambling method in casinos and constitutes about 70 per cent of the average casino’s income.

All modern Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) are designed using Random Number Generators (RNG), which constantly generate random numbers, at a rate of hundreds or perhaps thousands per second. This also involves algorithmic designs that ensure that random number sequences are not repeated for a period that is long enough for the gaming operators not to be worried.

Most operators would ideally want the EGMs to be integrated and create single RNG across multiple EGMs. This means that the RNGs generated are going to be in multiples of thousands per second and can turn into really huge volumes. This has to be taken care of while integrating multiple EGMs and while running progressive Jackpots across multiple EGMs from a single location or multiple locations.

Business Need

The fact that most operators want the EGMs to be integrated, necessitated the need for centralized management and more specifically

  • Remote handling of EGM configuration
  • Gather meter and event data from EGMs
  • Integration of Hardware True RNGs
  • Solution to be rolled out in a matter of weeks

Dusane’s Solution

Dusane implemented BATS betting system to handle high volume data generated by a series of EGMs. Dusane also integrated hardware true RNG to generate random seeds for the slot games. This complete prototype was done by Dusane in a period of just 4 days and the prototype was demonstrated in various gaming exhibitions.

Solution Included

Development of communication library that integrated seamlessly with the slot machine gaming application. This library created an abstract layer and a bridge with the central system allowing slot machine game developer to just call methods to communicate with the central system

Central system was a customized installation of BATS based transaction framework, which is an highly scalable and high performance system. Central system consumes the requests sent through the communication library and stores it in the database. Rules engine handles the validation rules

RNG server receives large number of requests from the slot machines and the RNG seed responses were delivered to the slot machine in less than 20 milliseconds

TITO (Ticket Voucher In/Out) functionality was implemented. All TITO vouchers were stored centrally and the vouchers INS gets validated at the central system before it is redeemed

Central system completely controls the gaming parameters of the slot machines like maximum/minimum bets, game percent, max lines, double up, reel stop mode etc.

All meter data and events were sent to the central system for analysis. The data is recorded and presented to the slot analysts for further analysis

Technology Used

  • BATS framework developed on JBoss App
  • Server platform Customization of BATS in Java
  • On EJB 3.0 framework C/C++ for communication library
  • C++ for communication processor to handle slot machine connectivity and sessions
  • C++ software RNG code integration provided with true RNG hardware devices


This centrally managed solution was launched at a premium European gaming trade show in Sep ’08

It was well received and our customer has already done a major roll out of this solution and is handling a number of enquiries

Dusane implemented this complete prototype through the usage of existing IP like BATS in a period of just 4 days

Dusane is currently working on incorporating data analytics towards mining and reporting

Betting System
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Betting System