Casino Money Management System

In Money Management we can track the smallest penny or activity in the casino. The system supports unlimited & multiple currencies. It’s easily configurable.

Vault Management:

It provides complete tracking of cash flow and accounting.

  • Player Marker: This feature helps to maintain details of amount given or received from players. Also helps to maintain track of credits given to a customer.
  • Lost & Found Module: Any chip lost and found later can be marked in this Module
  • Deposit: As casinos are restricted to keep money up to certain limit and rest amount is sent to Bank or deposits box, so we came up with a solution of Deposit which helps in tracking currency wise denomination that a vault manager sends.
  • Deposit Receipt: Every time money goes out of Casino and is deposited the manager gets a receipt and can track the same with this feature.
  • Safe Deposit Box: This Feature allows a Player who has won high value money to deposit in safe deposit box and can withdraw money as and when required in required denominations. The manager can keep a track of same.
  • Disbursement & Reimbursement: This Feature is beneficial for large operators with more than one casinos. It helps to record and maintain details of transactions that happened between the casinos. For example: money movement from one casino to other casino.
  • Drop Amount Entry:  All money which is counted in count room goes to vault which in the vault can be entered by vault manager.
  • Mid Shift Inventory: Helps to know current stand of Casino, how much money each cage is holding in what denominations and currencies.

Cage Management:

It provides ability to manage & easily track cashiering activity within cage, also supports transaction like Hopper Fill, Hand Pay, Table Fills, Table Credits, TITO, Exchange currency, AFT, Player points redemption etc.

Count room:

Count room module allows count personnel to easily record cash counting with kind of count he / she is making for e.g. Soft count, Hard count also allows count personnel to segregate type of count whether it is an Advance Drop or Normal Drop. Dusane count room module is also integrated with Cash Scan Machine which helps in faster recording of counting information.

  • Soft count: We have an interface build up with cash scan machine which helps in counting. You can pull down currency from stacker and put it in counting machine. After the counting is done it dumps the data to slot machine number wise into a text file format. We have built an interface where we can upload this text into the system and can pull in entire count. It also reduces manual work.
  • Table soft count: Can configure different currencies on a table and can do counting from drop box.

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