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Titbit Restaurant order management system

Managing and updating menus at restaurants is quite a costly affair because of direct & indirect costs involved in it. Indirect costs are incurred due to the ever changing commodity prices, stock outs and other related issues. However, restaurant owners can overcome these expenses with the help of Titbit restaurant iPad digital menu platform.

Titbit Restaurant digital menu platform allows restaurant management to dynamically modify the menu items, images, prices and make other similar updates quickly and conveniently even without internet connection. The restaurant order app rather smoothens the overall revenue management system. This unique Ipad digital menu app enhances the dining experience of your guests by empowering them to get personalized service.

  • This digital restaurant menu comes with an intuitive user interface exclusively designed to ease the process of placing orders.
  • With restaurant order app at hand, the guests can place their orders the moment they take a seat. So, no more wasting time waiting for the waiters to seek the order. Restaurant digital menu allows them to easily make special requests such as asking to make the ordered item more/ less spicy or salty or getting some particular ingredient added to it.
  • Restaurant order app highlights the popular items thereby making it easier for the guests to choose their preferred items.
  • Restaurant digital menu also offers nutritional and other essential information.
  • The smart search feature on the digital menu allows the guests to quickly navigate to their item of choice.
  • Ease of update – Restaurant menu requires modifications with the change in season and titbit iPad menu allows quick updation. Digital menus can be updated dynamically. This is automatically managed by the Titbit Content Management Server, better known as CMS. The pricing of various items mentioned in the titbit digital menu can also be modified dynamically if and when the commodity rates rise. The stock out feature automatically deletes the menu items that are no longer available.
  • Reduced costs– Those using restaurant menu app are no longer required to get additional leaflets printed for special offers. You may simply add these on the digital menu. So you can now introduce happy hour specials and various other exclusive offers and promote them with ease without incurring any additional charges. Special cuisines for the day can be promoted easily with this iPad digital menu app.
  • High quality media – It also allows inclusion of high quality pictures and videos in the menu that increases impulsive buying tendency.
  • POS integration – Titbit is integrated with some of the best POS vendors including the reputed Micros 3700 & 9700, Shawman, CSAT, Lucid POS and Dytel among others. So employing this restaurant menu app augments the restaurant operations further. Titbit offers end-to-end solution and may thus be set up as a standalone system as well.
  • Custom menu design – Ipad menu app allows you to create multiple menus. It also offers multiple layouts to choose from. So you may customize your digital menus in a way that it becomes a true reflection of your restaurant – its style, specialty and values. It can also be offered in multiple languages for convenience of customers.
  • Facebook integration – Titbit is integrated with Facebook and allows the guests to login to their Facebook account to like the restaurant’s page. They can also share their likes on their own wall to promote the restaurant among their Facebook friends. The guests may rate and recommend the restaurant and even make comments or blog about the restaurant and its cuisines.
  • Customer feedback & loyalty management – Digital menu also offers to tie up customer feedback to your sales data. The profiles of customers may be tracked and the management can build loyalty programs based on their taste to fetch more business.

Restaurant Staff App – TB Captain

The TB Captain App forms a vital part of the Titbit Digital Menu platform. It focuses on enhancing the efficiency of the wait staff. This waiter app allows the wait staff to go through the guest orders. The orders placed by the guests are then modified (if required), validated and shared with the kitchen staff. Here is a detailed look at the waiter app features:

  • It allows the Wait Staff to review, modify and validate the orders placed by the guests
  • It partly validates the orders to the kitchen
  • It allows rearranging the sequence and modifying prioritization
  • This exclusive waiter app offers audio alerts for the orders made or for the guests requiring assistance
  • It allows easy floor management including moving, combining and assigning tables


  • The waiter app allows the wait staff to time the customer’s order to the kitchen as he manages other activities on the floor. So the wait staff can now focus on the customer service part.
  • Manual punching of orders in POS is no longer required. This means reduction in errors.
  • The intuitive menu of this Ipad menu app promotes easy navigation and saves time spent in searching for different items.

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