Mobile POS terminal for Parking Management System

Mobile POS terminal for Parking Management System

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Ever wondered who keeps track of fees collected at Pay & Park facilities at railway stations, bus stations, shopping malls or commercial complexes? Keeping track of physical passes issued and reconciliation to passes versus money collected is a time consuming and tedious task. Also paper based parking management is prone to manipulations, inaccuracies and bullying by the operators.

If you own a parking space you definitely would not like to turn away your customers because of inconvenience, delay or rude behavior of your operators. Also you would like to best manage all parking slots for maximum utilization.

Dusane’s parking management system with handheld POS terminals streamlines operations at parking facility and offers much appreciated quick service to your customers. At the entry handheld ticket issuance terminal records incoming vehicle number, time and date of entry, type of vehicle, and name of driver. It issues a ticket to the visitor. At the exit it automatically calculates the amount to be collected based on total parking duration of vehicle. Receipts are generated on collection of parking amount and handed over to customers. Reports generated by ticket issuing handheld device summarizes all the data by vehicle, days, weeks and customers. Optionally data can be consolidated online across locations.

Automated data capture by parking management system allows knowing number of visitors and amount collected per day which can be used to determine profitability of parking facility and also the trend in visitor flow. It negates any possibility of mismanagement and reconciliation of money against tickets becomes easy. Importantly it removes hassles to visitor during rush hours and channelizes traffic flow.

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