GPS based Online Bus Ticketing System

GPS based Online Bus Ticketing System

GPS based Online Bus Ticketing System

Source: Visiontek

State/City transport authority often faces big challenges in ticket sales which is the major/ only source of its revenue. With electronic ticketing systems with no GPS and GPRS connectivity it is not possible to do online reservations and seat occupancy & bus location tracking information is not available in real time.

Government transport authority also struggles in ticket sales because of less number of reservation centers, remotely located reservation counters in rural areas. Also there is problem of revenue leakage due to manual reconciliation process. All manual processes are man power heavy and with no optimal staff utilization.

Bus Ticketing System:

Dusane Infotech’s bus ticketing solution comes with GPS, GPRS and the ticketing facility in an integrated, wireless, compact and easy to use handheld terminal.
With dusane’s bus ticketing system, a bus conductor equipped with a in-built GPS & GPRS Hand-held Terminal can

  • Print tickets as per destination.
  • Upload ticket booking data to central server and update seat availability along with bus location via GPS
  • Book onward journey for passengers
  • Provide tickets on-route passengers eliminating need for them to go to remote reservation centers for booking

Bus Ticketing System Advantages:

  • Revenue Enhancement: Ticket issuance is done at multiple points which increases in ticket sales and improve ROI. Also revenue leakage is avoided as auto reconciliation brings in transparency in collection / operations.
  • Increase in seat occupancy: In-bus & Online reservation facility eliminates need of going to reservation centers. Also real time seat availability data improves occupancy.
  • Increases operational efficiency & productivity: Bus conductor can handle multiple transactions.
  • Multiple points of ticket sales: Online reservation facility allows passengers to reserve ticket from home instead of travelling to other location. In remote areas with no GPRS connectivity it helps in providing door to door reservation services in rural areas. In such scenario, reservation details are stored on device and later synched with central server.
  • Geo fencing: It is possible to identify location and speed of on move buses. Therefore route and speed violation can be identified through GPS by geo fencing.
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