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Options for Terminals in Dusane’s Online Lottery Solution

Dusane offers licensed Lottery operators with an extremely scalable and robust online lottery solution that is based on a retail terminal network. It also, optionally offers robust and world-class terminals for the Lottery operator to sell the tickets through his retail network.

List (non-exhaustive) of Terminals that Dusane could work with:

Dusane online lottery solution can be made compatible for some of the following hardware options that a client has:

Telpo TPS-300 China
New POS 8110 – China
Sands PS400 – China
Linkflex LF-5 Korea
Custom (an Italian brand) Big II Touch PC POS Terminal
Dusane can consider, review and confirm the compatibility of its online lottery solution with other Terminals as well, in case the client has a different preference.

Dusane can thus offer a bundled solution wherein the lottery software and the handheld/POS terminals are made available to a client. This ensures that the client has a single window solution and can opt to have both the software and the terminals to run his lottery games from one entity.

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