Electronic Voucher Distribution System

Electronic Voucher System

Electronic Voucher System

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Electronic Voucher Distribution system (EVD) is a web-based solution and a hand held device that enables retailers to provide services electronically. A POS or Point-of-Sale terminal present at the retailer’s desk provides a hassle-free option with post paid and prepaid bill payments & recharges. If offers a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need of printing physical vouchers.

Electronic Voucher Distribution system provides ease of voucher distribution for domestic gas, mobile, international calling, electricity, internet, DTH television or any such services. Apart from having logistical advantages, this solution enhances the way in which retailers provide services to customers. It eliminates issues related to physical voucher distribution, thus facilitating customers as well as operators. It also keeps track on inventory and accounts.

Server Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel® Xeon® E5405 or Above with 8GB RAM, 3X 500GB HDD
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition
  • Database: SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard

How it works:

Let us now understand the real time use of Electronic Voucher Distribution system

  • End user visits retailer to avail of prepaid recharge system
  • User requests denominations (Electronic Voucher Distribution system supports varied denominations and multiple operators)
  • Retailer enters this data on Point-of-Sale terminal
  • Terminal passes relevant data to the system server using any of VPN/CDMA/GPRS/GSM systems
  • EVD server validates the details of terminal account and forwards recharge code or PIN number to terminal while also updating terminal account information
  • Printout is generated by terminal along with the code and instructions in print format
  • Provision for duplicate copy
  • End user visits retailer to avail of prepaid recharge
  • Retailer will select the PIN less menu from the POS terminal and enter the necessary data (Amount, Mobile number etc.)
  • POS will connect to the operator switch for checking authorization
  • Post successful authorization, requested amount is credited with acknowledgement from the operator; thus proving to be a valued credit top up system
  • Balance details of retailer are updated at the operator end
  • Retailer receives acknowledgement for balance details


  1. Mobile Recharge System: The system allows to import unlimited airtime vouchers pertaining to different vendors for distribution to customers with the use of Point-of-Sale terminal.
  2. Internet Pack Recharge: Service providers can leverage demand for use of internet with Electronic Voucher Distribution system. Consumers can now buy the prepaid vouchers for internet at retailers close to them and obtain secure internet packs.
  3. International calling card recharge: Users just need to visit a retailer, make payment and avail of instant vouchers with calling codes. This renders international calling recharges at cheap rates to users.
  4. DTH recharge system: Recharge your DTH accounts for varied products and amounts from the terminal with EVD system. Retailer will just need to input details of account and users will be rendered vouchers at reduced costs.
  5. Prepaid electricity card recharge: Electronic Voucher Distribution system is useful for all meter types and allows multiple service/manufacturer creation; thus effectively reducing ownership cost. The consumers are rendered with real-time account updates along with uninterrupted service.
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