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Edubeam Virtual Classroom SystemEdubeam – Virtual Classroom System

EduBeam virtual classroom system has been crafted to eradicate the time and distance constraints afflicting education, especially in the Developing World.

EduBeam is a standalone distance learning solution where a trainer stands in a central studio to educate students located in different parts of the world. The learning experience and overall study environment its virtual class offers is as inspiring and engaging as any live classroom environment. This virtual learning environment helps in engaging the students via complete audio video interactivity.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual training facilitated through EduBeam eliminates the issues posed by time, distance and resource constraints in imparting quality education to the distant learners by reaching them concurrently and in real time. This technology is supported by satellites as well as terrestrial networks. Equipped with an integrated conferencing application, it is extremely scalable.

Edubeam Virtual Classroom System

Edubeam Virtual Classroom System Features:

  • EduBeam facilitates centrally conducted lectures that may be followed by all virtual classrooms concurrently
  • These virtual sessions may easily be recorded to maintain a digital library
  • The interactive learning environment is enhanced with the use of intricate graphics and visuals that make the sessions highly illustrative. The 3D effects make the virtual classroom training experience even more immersive
  • This new medium of virtual education can be much more effective compared to the traditional one
  • EduBeam solution may even be run on solar power. This feature is especially a boon for the electricity starved areas. Imparting primary or higher education in rural areas has never been this easy
  • Live 3D content may be delivered to remote locations via audio interactivity
  • This virtual learning system allows you to share premium content in an extremely secured environment
  • The new improved instruction tools help in enhancing curriculum
  • This distance learning system allows auto scan of distant classroom videos thereby enabling each classroom to view the other one
  • Video/Image Mosaic installed at the virtual training center (Central Studio) allows the faculties to view and monitor the connected classrooms concurrently
  • This solution can facilitate a chat window and application sharing
  • Video sharing option is available with a voice-over presenter
  • It comes with a virtual hand raise feature that allows the students in virtual classroom to put across questions and clarify their doubts in an organized manner
  • Polls and quizzes may easily be conducted in a virtual classroom design
  • Multiple file transfer feature is available

Edubeam Virtual Classroom System Benefits:

  • EduBeam helps impart quality education in rural areas as well as other remote areas
  • Students have the privilege to interact with subject matter experts to get more clarity
  • This advanced distance learning technology enables complete student involvement
  • It facilitates simultaneous training and interaction with students sitting in different parts of a region
  • The interesting and engaging curriculum and method of teaching helps decrease the dropout rate considerably
  • Student retention and increased productivity are among the key advantages of this remote education system
  • Practical demonstrations and experiments can be explained efficiently too, via virtual teaching

Edubeam Virtual Classroom System Applications:

EduBeam virtual training is a resourceful solution that may be employed for:

  • Imparting Primary/Secondary Education for remote/deprived areas
  • Imparting vocational training
  • Providing telemedicine and assisting with remote diagnosis
  • Conducting effective virtual training programs for banks, insurance companies and other corporate firms
  • Facilitating virtual press conferences and campaigns
  • Virtual product launches across the globe

Why Edubeam

EduBeam is highly recommended because:

  • It is an emerging technology in education sector
  • It employs satellite based infrastructure
  • Its cost of operation is quite low