DL & RC Smart Card Field Management System

Driving License and Registration Certificate (DL & RC) Smart Card Field Management Solution

DL and RC Smart Card Field Management System

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Traffic violations are commonplace nowadays and rule violators tend to get away by bribing the traffic police without any punishment. This not only gives rise to corruption but also increases road safety risks. As there is no system to provide on the field information to traffic police about violations’ historical records, controlling traffic violations and increasing road safety is often a challenge for transport authority/ government.

Field Management System Solution:

Dusane Infotech’ Driving License and Registration Certificate (DL & RC) Smart Card Field Management system comes with a handheld terminal with an in-built chip to record traffic offenses. It helps in keeping track of all on road traffic violations by driver & vehicle.

Each traffic policeman is equipped with the DL & RC handheld terminal which enables him to know.

  • Whether the vehicle involved in traffic violation is stolen
  • Any previous accident/traffic violation history of the vehicle/driver
  • If any notice from the traffic police is pending against the vehicle/driver

Field Management System Features:

  • As DL & RC smart card comes with 2 contact smart card readers, it updates offense details on  vehicle owner’s and traffic officer’s card
  • Inbuilt printer facilitates spot fines collection and receipt generation
  • The data can be updated to and from a central server.
  • Various reports can be generated per handheld device or across all locations at central server to know traffic trend and measures to control them.
  • GSM/GPRS Connectivity allows to retrieve information on total cash collected, transaction logs and daily reports of receipts
  • Also it has provision to store driving license, vehicle registration card details, verify documents produced by vehicle owner, and transmitting data online to server at Transport Authority from where appropriate action to be taken on vehicle owner is suggested in real time
  • Data is stored and transmitted in encrypted format

Field Management System Advantages:

  • Fraud prevention: As all transactions are logged there is no chance for violators to get away with crime by bribing policeman. Also policemen are refrained from such corruption as all activities are monitored and tracked. Also vehicle records store in handheld terminal chip enables them to know whether the vehicle involved in a traffic rule violation is stolen.
  • Improved on road safety: The dynamic data fetched from central server to on field handheld device has data pertaining to penalties, accidents records and violation of traffic rules, etc. This helps policemen to get the past record of the driver and vehicle. Any records of part violations may bring to driver punishments like financial fines, police remand or permanent cancellation of driving license. Therefore drivers become more alert to traffic rules and take precautions to not to break any rules increasing road safety for other vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Speedy operations: Process to punish/let go potential offenders is more transparent and faster. It is easy to carry and operate this solution, as it comes in a portable hand held terminal.
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