Keno System for Casinos

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Soul of every game in Casinos is numbers. Keno system is nothing but playing with numbers. It’s a lottery like game played in many Casinos, around the world. The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of Casinos is money followed by lottery and then card games. So why are there Keno [...]

Tier Management in Casino Player Club and Loyalty Programs

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Dusane is a gaming technology company having developed various gaming systems including a complete casino management system, online lottery , sports betting system , virtual sports & progressive gaming , solutions for casinos etc. We cater to around 20 customers around five continents. Here is the transcript of the webinar which was conducted on Tier [...]

Revive a floundering Casino business

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What does one need to do to revive business of a Casino that has seen an illustrious past and is now wearing a forlorn look with hardly any customers walking in? The casino business is floundering and there are no steady or projectable cash flows. So we have a Casino that was the pioneer of [...]

Casino Player Management System

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Casinos have come up as an attractive entertainment alternative, and in a big way.  They have mushroomed in over 100 countries over the world. Casino hubs of Las Vegas and Macau have transformed into pilgrimage for gamblers. The phenomenal popularity of the casino has been a wonderful story of bets, growth and innovation to extract [...]